Aerial Photography

Whether it be buildings, construction sites, golf courses, archaeology excavations, special events or media /newsworthy images, Gemini Images are able to capture stunning high-quality images & videos from the sky above.

Surveys/Inspections/Evidence gathering

Why jeopardise health and safety and have increased costs to have scaffolding erected? Making use of our fleet of drones we are able to reach the hard to get to areas easily, safely and quickly, keeping all safe and minimizing the high risk and costs considerably lower. Basic domestic roof surveys involve around 20-30 minutes of flying and high resolution images and 4K video can be sent to clients soon after landing which makes considerable time and financial savings compared to other methods.

As well as static images & HD video for inspections we are also able to provide HD 360° videos and 360° photos which enable the viewer to look completely around the footage or via a VR headset to obtain a more immersive experience.

Using aerial imaging is a quick and affordable way to gather evidence to support insurance claims for a storm damaged roof or other scenes.


Gemini Images uses drones for aerial surveys and mapping. This is achieved by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. We use this technique during crime scene imaging and fire/arson investigations by generating 3D images and mapping useful for investigators and it is also used in the construction industry and other specialisms such as archaeology.

360° Virtual Tours

Using our 360° cameras both on the ground and in the air we can capture stunning images for you and create Virtual Tours for you which will allow your customers to look around in 360°. We can provide 360° photography for your website and upload them to Google Street View.


Capturing those special moments at events, special occasions, Gemini Images can offer you professional service and package that you will be able to cherish for years to come. We have an interest in Street Photography and can provide “B” roll images capturing a behind the scenes look at your event or location.


Gemini Images have a professional background in security, surveillance and intelligence gathering. Whether it be boundary disputes or needing eyes on a premises, we can use our drones to undertake surveillance of locations from a safe distance and undetected.

We also deploy drones to assist with security audits, planning and identifying weaknesses in estate perimeters or blind spots for CCTV to work with security managers so that positive action can be taken and the client remain safe.