360° Virtual Tours

Anyone running a business today is well aware that the technology that is rapidly taking over and online shopping has increased in the past years, with the current climate we living in the online market will just get bigger and more traffic will be generated through business websites. This is where we are offering you the game changer in business, be it Tourism, Hospitality Industry, Heritage, Estate Agents, Small Business Owners selling a service or product.

Creating a 360 virtual tour for your business will intensify your SEO and increase your online traffic, 2D pictures just don’t give people the true experience in what a business can offer, this is why we at Gemini-Images will create a tour that will attract and increase the interaction between yourself and your clients.

I hear the question you are asking is how will this tour benefit my business? –

  • Studies show traffic on your website will be 5-10 times longer with a virtual tour
  • Able to showcase your services, products, and establishments way better that a standard high-quality photograph
  • Increase online traffic with google ad sense
  • Estate Agent listings using a virtual tour has 80-90 % more views, also keeping staff and potential buyers safe with minimal contact
  • With the tours you can add on information with hot spots generating more interest in products or services you have on offer and leading to increase sales
  • Live video chat facility can be added to tours to allow you to guide people through your virtual tour, a feature that allows for “virtual viewings” by estate agents or tours around your premises.

We proudly have the “green tick” from Google as Trusted Street View Photographers. Even if you just want one or two 360° images uploading to Google rather than a full virtual tour then we can help.

Examples of virtual tours we can provide include:

Old Saxon church at Albury

Albury Old Saxon Church – virtual tour of the old Saxon church in Albury.

Woking HAA battery

WW2 Anti Aircraft battery in Woking – virtual tour of the abandoned HAA battery in Woking , part of the WW2 air defences of Brooklands where they built Wellington bombers.

Burpham Churches – virtual tours of both the Church of the Holy Spirit and St Luke’s along with its war memorial and war graves.

Dragons teeth in Guildford, a well preserved example of WW2 anti-tank defences on the banks of the River Wey.

St John the Evangelist, Merrow – virtual tour of the church with hotspots to view objects of interest in more detail.