Wisley Lane Bridge

The panorama above shows the bridge being constructed.

The weekend of 14-15th October 2023 saw the A3 closed in both directions and the landscape of the A3 near Wisley would change forever with the construction of the Wisley lane Bridge over it.

When the project is completed it will link Wisley Lane and RHS Wisley with the A3 southbound by utilising new roads constructed through the land near Wisley Airfield where The above panorama illustrates the work going on here.

The M25 J10 improvement project is making changes to the landscape however it will help with traffic flow as currently traffic comes out of RHS Wisley and has to turn left on the A3 and head North to the M25 J10 only to go around the roundabout to head South again. Hopefully this new scheme will reduce congestion around M25 J10 and have environmental benefits such as lower vehicle emissions into the atmosphere.